Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

With winter season steadily approaching, are you fully prepared to maintain your vacation rental? Here are some cleaning tips every property owner should know.

A vacation rental clean is not a usual housekeeping clean. It involves a lot more detailed work, such as:

  • Clean and replace linens used by previous guests
  • Clean oven, refridgerator, microwave, cabinets inside and outside, polish all stainless steel appliances
  • Sanitize toilet(s), sink(s), tub(s) and shower(s)
  • Report any damages to the property and/or appliances in a timely manner
  • Test and replace simple items like lightbulbs in lamps and bedroom lights
  • Assure next guest has enough toiletries and detergent for the time of their stay
  • Set up welcome baskets with chocolate, flowers, or whatever the property owner chooses to greet their guests (Optional)
  • Willing to offer last minute or weekend services

Vacation Rental

In essence- your cleaning service should not only assure a standard clean, it should ensure your property is completely ready for your next guest.

In order for you to protect yourself and your guests from a bad experience, make sure your cleaning service knows what a vacation rental clean entails, furthermore, make sure they can handle your turnover. Not every cleaning company is created equal, nor does every cleaning company connect you with experienced cleaning professional that can properly take care of your home, so making sure to check for referencess or reviews is your best option.

WRCS is a 5-star rated company, with over 60 vacation rental properties throughout Lee County. Majority of our vacation rental properties have a high turnover rate, which we have efficiently maintained for over 5 years.  When hiring a cleaning company to maintain your vacation rental, it is imperative to keep in mind that a proper clean makes a great impression, which means less complaints, better reviews and higher booking rate.

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